7000 pcs/h Samosa Wrapper Machine Large Capacity

The samosa wrapper machine is a device that bakes batter into thin dough sheet, which can be used to wrap various fillings and taste delicious.

It can be used for the production of various foods such as samosa wrappers, spring roll wrappers, lumpia wrappers, pancake, crepes, yufka, egg roll wrappers, filo wrappers, etc.

Samosa Wrapper Machine Price

Principle and Flow:

Principle: Make the batter according to the samosa wrappers recipe. After the batter is heated and baked by the round heating roasting. Finally, it becomes the fixed thickness the samosa wrappers or other similar food.

Flow: Pour the batter into the bucket, adjust the temperature, and wait for the roasting wheel to heat up. After heating to a certain temperature, the baking wheel starts to rotate, and the batter is baked on it. After baking, the batter forms a long and thin sheet that separates from the baking wheel at the spatula. Cut the samosa wrappers to the same size with a cutter.

Samosa Wrapper Maker Machine

Characters of Samosa Wrapper Machine

  1. It is a professional equipment for the production of samosa wrappers, and can also be used to produce spring roll wrappers, crepes, phyllo wrapper and so on.
  2. This machine is automated work, including batter making, baking, cutting, counting, stacking, and more.
  3. The roasting wheel of the samosa wrapping machine is covered with a safety cover to prevent burns from touching.
  4. The microcomputer temperature controller can keep the set temperature within ±1°C, precise temperature control.
  5. The length, width and thickness of the samosa wrappers can be adjusted.
  6. This samosa wrapper making machine has large capacity, it can produce 4500-7000 pieces per hour. suitable for industrial use.

Samosa Wapper Making Machine

Adjustable Samosa Wrappers

  • Samosa sheets length: adjustable between 15-45 cm
  • Thickness: 0.2-2mm
  • Maximum samosa wrappers width: 58 cm


How to Make Samosa Wrappers


Our company has developed and produced different types of automatic samosas wrapper machine and spring roll processing equipment to help people produce samosas wrappers and spring rolls quickly and easily.


Technical Parameter

Model GGSR-12060Y/F
Voltage 380V/220V
Capacity 4500-7000PCS/H
Power 69KW
Heating Method Electric & Gas
Dimension 3800*1100*2000MM


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