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Spring Roll Wrapper Solution

Provide professional spring roll wrapper processing solutions to help customers produce high-quality spring roll wrappers and other products.

Spring Roll Wrapper Solution Introduction

The spring roll wrapper solution includes automated equipment from batter making, batter baking, spring roll wrapper forming, cooling, stacking, counting to packaging. The batter is heated and baked through a round baking wheel, and then cut into spring roll skins or other flaky foods of a fixed thickness and size.

This solution can make a variety of products such as samosa wrappers, lumpia wrappers, crepes, pancakes, Peking duck pancakes and others. Customers’ special requirements (size, thickness, formulation, voltage, etc.) can also be met.

Spring Roll Wrapper Solution

Spring Roll Wrapper Process

Batter Mixing
conveying cooling
Batter Baking
Spring Roll Wrapper Forming
Spring Roll wrapers stack and count

Spring Roll Wrapper Solution Features

Spring Roll Wrapper Machine

Safe and Reliable:

The outer wall of the barrel of the machine is heated by high-frequency electromagnetic action, the heat is fully utilized and the loss is small. The heat is mainly concentrated inside the heating body, and the surface temperature of the electromagnetic coil is slightly higher than the room temperature.

Safe, Hygienic and Durable Material:

The spring roll skin solution equipment is made of stainless steel and processed with high precision. Bearing assembly, no oil, no rust, no burr on the cut surface, durable. Usually there is no man-made damage, and the normal service life can reach 6-8 years.


Spring Roll Wrapper Machine Part
Spring Roll Wrapper Equipment

Fully Automatic Production:

The overall spring roll wrapper solution is high-yield and fully automated. Change the existing semi-automatic production, the status quo of low output. Fully automatic production is realized, manpower is liberated, and large-scale spring roll skin production is truly realized, the efficiency is significantly improved, labor costs are saved, and market competitiveness is improved.

Finished Product Display

Spring Roll Wrappers
Spring Roll Skin
Popiah skin
Spring Roll Wrappers
Lumpia Wrapper
Somosa patti

Technical Parameter

Production capacity: 500-7000 pieces/h, the specific output depends on the size and speed.
Product size: adjustable thickness 0.2-2 mm, can produce square, round or special-shaped spring roll wrappers.
Product use: It can be used to wrap all kinds of fillings.
Heating method: electric heating and gas heating
Power of the machine: 69KW
Machine size: 3800*1100*2000MM

Spring Roll Wrapper Solution Application


Central Kitchen: The central kitchen can also be called the central kitchen. In fact, it is a catering distribution center. The main task is to process the raw materials into semi-finished products or finished products, and distribute them to various chain stores for secondary heating or combination and then sell them to customers.

Buffet Restaurant: A cafeteria is a type of food service location in which there is little or no waiting staff table service, whether a restaurant or within an institution such as a large office building or school; a school dining location is also referred to as a dining hall or lunchroom.

Frozen Food Factory: It is a factory that prepares, stores and sells frozen food. Has a large area of production workshops, warehouses and so on. Spring roll skin processing solutions are suitable for frozen food factories, which can wrap fillings and form various products.

Investment Entrepreneur: People who work in different industries, intend to start a new food business and need comprehensive solutions, including consulting services in equipment procurement and manufacturing technology.

Spring Roll Wrapper Solution Video

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