Adjustable Lumpia Shanghai Making Machine Industrial

This lumpia shanghai machine is customized according to the customer’s requirements, and the whole machine uses the parts of the brand specified by the customer. Sturdy and durable for a long time.

lumpia shanghai making machine

Manufacturing Process:

Pour the batter into the slurry bucket and filter, when the round roasting wheel is heated to 160°C; turn on the slurry pump to send the batter to the nozzle, and operate the clutch lever to make the batter adhere to the arc surface of the roasting wheel.

When the baking wheel rotates through an angle of 270-300 degrees, the batter is cooked and automatically separated from the baking wheel to form a thin spring roll skin. Then cut into wrappers of the same size. The filling falls on the lumpia wrapper and the roll wraps into a lumpia shanghai.


Features of Lumpia Shanghai Making Machine

  • Adjust the size and thickness of the lumpia shanghai wrappers, and change the size of the lumpiang shanghai product accordingly.
  • The baking time and temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily according to different processes.
  • Lumpia shanghai’s stuffing can be prepared vegetable stuffing, meat stuffing, bean paste stuffing and so on.
  • The machine is completely imitation manual production, high efficiency and high yield.
  • High output, can produce 1000-6500 pieces lumpia shanghai per hour, suitable for spring roll factories, frozen food factories and so on.


How to Make Lumpiang Shanghai


Technical Parameter

GG-CJX5000 Spring Roll Production Line
Name Dimensiton(mm) Power(KW) No.
Spring Roll Wapper Part 2200*2000*2200 59 1
Stuffing Part 700*600*1000 0.4 1
Spring Roll Folding Part 1700*500*1360 0.4 1
Spring Roll Forming Part 4030*500*1100 0.4 1
Batter Mixer 1300*600*900 1.1 1
Batter Tank 800*300*320 / 1
Batter Pump 0.55 2
Capacity 3000-4000pcs/h


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