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Spring Roll Processing Solution

Customized automatic spring roll production solutions of different specifications according to customer needs.

Spring Roll Solution Introduction

Our company provides users with customized spring roll processing solutions, to help customers replace complex manual production with professional and stable machines and improve production efficiency. And this spring roll solution solved the problem of inconsistent size of spring rolls in the process of manual wrapping and rolling.

According to different types of customers, this spring roll production line has different models to choose from. The output is from 1000 to 6500 pieces per hour. Our customer manager will recommend the most suitable spring roll equipment according to your required capacity.

Spring Rolls Production Process

The spring roll production line is automated from batter making to spring roll forming. After putting the batter and fillings into the two hoppers, the spring rolls are made automatically through the process of baking, cooling, filling, folding, rolling, freezing, etc.

Make the Batter
Spring Roll Wrappers
Spring Roll Forming
Frozen Spring Rolls

Features of Spring Roll Processing Solution

Spring Roll Machine Parts

1. Long Service Life:

The electrical and pneumatic parts of the whole machine use internationally renowned brands to ensure that the equipment has a lower failure rate and higher stability. Made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel and processed with high precision.

The heating part adopts a ring-shaped cable structure, the cable itself does not generate too much heat, and can withstand high temperatures above 500 ℃, with a service life of more than 6-10 years.

2. Energy Saving and Environmental Protection:

The baking part of the spring roll solution adopts an advanced temperature control system and internal heat heating. The heating body directly induces magnetic energy to generate heat, and the hot start is very fast. The average preheating time is shortened by more than 60% compared with the resistance coil heating method, and the thermal efficiency is as high as 90%.

Under the same conditions, it saves 30-70% of electricity than the resistance coil heating, which improves the production efficiency. Let the temperature reach zero error, no heat waste, achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection, and reduce energy costs.

Spring Roll Machine
Control Panel

3. High Degree of Intelligence:

The filling and wrapping part of the spring roll solution adopts advanced PLC automatic control system and imported light detection components. It is guaranteed that the filling machine is quantitatively fed, the gram weight error is smaller, the success rate of spring roll skin recognition is higher, and the yield is higher.

The cooling conveyor belt and baking part adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, intelligent direct-touch temperature detection and touch screen operation, Chinese and English operating systems, and automatic fault alarm system, which make the operation simpler and more convenient.

Finished Product Display

Spring Rolls
Spring Rolls
Egg Roll
Spring Roll
Sweet Spring Roll
Spring Lumpia Roll
Imperial Roll

Structure of Spring Roll Production Solution

Spring Roll Line

1. Spring roll wrappers baking part
2. PLC control panel
3. Stuffing Filling machine
4. Spring roll folding part
5. Spring roll rolling part

Spring Roll Solution Technical Parameter

Production Capacity: 1000-7000 pieces/h
Product Size: diameter 2.6 cm, length 9 cm, can be customized on demand
Product weight: 30-40 grams (depending on the ingredients of the filling)
Heating method: electric heating and gas heating

Application Scenarios

Spring Roll Solution Application

Central Kitchen: A place where large quantities of food are prepared and cooked, processed into reheatable meals or served in large quantities at mealtimes. It is processed with advanced equipment and is very hygienic and safe.

Food Factory: A factory specializing in the production of food, with specialized machines for preparing ingredients and making, cooking and packaging food. Such as frozen food factory, ready-to-eat food factory.

Restaurant / Cafeteria: Some restaurants or canteens have changed manual production to automated production, which can supply a large amount of food to consumers at any time. It also saves time and labor costs and increases production capacity.

Hotel or School: A place where food is cooked and served to hundreds or thousands of people (housers, teachers, students, staff) at mealtimes or processed into ready-to-eat meals for sale.

Machine Dealer: Individuals or organizations that purchase quality food machines and sell them to local customers.

Spring Roll Solution Video

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