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Spring Roll & Spring Roll Wrapper

The factory provides complete spring roll production solution, spring roll wrapper production solution. As well as samosas patti sheet solution, crepe processing solution, lumpia processing solution, etc. 

Solutions can be customized according to customer needs.

Spring Roll Processing Solution
Spring Roll Wrapper Solution

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Spring Rolls & Spring Roll Wrappers

All machines are newly developed and produced, with good quality and affordable price.

Normal Size: 26*90mm      Weight: 40-50 grams

Normal Size: 170-200mm Thickness: 0.3-0.8mm

Customized Size: 30*120mm  Weight: about 100 grams

Square Size: 200mm      
Round Size: 220mm

Smallest Size: 10*30mm        Weight: 20-30 grams

Normal Size: 70*250mm  Thickness: 0.3-0.8mm

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Spring Roll Business

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Introduces the application, installation, operation, etc. of the machine, as well as some production processes, industry news, etc.

Spring Roll Wrapper Machine Manufacturer

Spring Roll Wrapper Machine Manufacturer

Provide high-quality spring roll and wrapper processing machinery, it is easy to operate and high work efficiency.

How to Make Spring Rolls

How to Make Spring Rolls For Business

The spring roll business is lucrative and use the spring roll equipment can quickly produce large quantities of spring rolls.

Spring Roll Production Process

Automatic Spring Roll Production Process

Spring roll production process is making batter - baking - stuffing filling - folding and rolling - spring rolls freezing.