0.2-2mm Automatic Crepe Making Machine For Sale

The Description of Crepe Making Machine

The automatic crepe machine produced by our company integrates our advanced R&D and production experience. The whole machine can operate efficiently and can produce 1,000 to 1,500 pieces crepes per hour.

Design this crepe maker is for baking soft and imitation handmade crepes that taste great. In order to meet the growing demands of users, the machine is available in different models for users to choose.


Features of Automatic Crepe Machine

  • The coil itself does not generate heat, the thermal retardation is small, the thermal inertia is low, the temperature of the inner and outer walls of the barrel is consistent, the temperature control is accurate, and the production efficiency is high.
  • The electromagnetic coil is made of customized special high-temperature and high-voltage cables, with good insulation performance, no direct contact with the outer wall of the tank, no leakage, short-circuit failure, and peace of mind.
  • The french crepe machine is made of stainless steel and processed with high precision. Not easy to rust and corrosion, easy to clean and maintain. Durable, the normal service life is 6-8 years.
  • This machine adopts an advanced temperature control system, so that the temperature can reach zero error, no heat waste, and achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection.


French Crepes Production Process

● Put the evenly mixed batter into the batter hopper of machine.
● Continuous bake the crepes on the roasting wheel heated at 100-200℃.
● Cut the crepes into diameter of 150-290 mm, can be adjusted according to needs.
● The crepes are conveyed and piled into a pile for easy counting.


How to Make Crepes For Business


Advantages of Equipment

  1. Product diversification, suitable for automatic production of peking duck pancakes, crepes, spring roll skin, samosa pastry, and egg roll skin. Moulds can be customized according to customer needs.
  2. Fully automatic production, high output, high efficiency, imitating manual production, not only liberates manpower, but also has uniform size, smooth surface and good taste.
  3. The crepe maker machine can be connected with the filling machine, fryer machine, quick-freezer, and packaging machine to be connected to the fully automatic production line of food.
  4. The machine adopts the internal heating method, the heat is concentrated inside the heating body, and the external heat dissipation is very little. Good working environment.
  5. It can produce 0.2-2mm french crepes product, if there are special sizes, it can be customized according to specific requirements to meet customer needs.


Crepe processing machines are for sale to all over the world, if you are interested in our equipment, please contact us at any time.
Email: lisa@machinehall.com
Whatsapp/Wechat/Mobile: +8615515571373
Skype: jacobyaogelgoog


Technical Parameter of Crepe Making Machine

Model GGSR-5029Y/F GGSR-8045Y/F GGSR-12060Y/F
Voltage 380/220V(50/60HZ) 380/220V(50/60HZ) 380/220V(50/60HZ)
Power 18kw 40kw 59kw
Host power 0.4kw 0.4kw 0.75kw
Cutter power 0.2kw 0.2kw 0.2kw
Conveyor belt power 0.36kw 0.36kw 0.55kw
Capacity 1000-1500pcs/h 3500-4500pcs/h 4500-7000pcs/h
Size 5200*950*1350mm 6200*1100*1600mm 6200*1300*2000mm
Net Weight 520kg 1000kg 1750kg
Thickness of Dosa 0.3-2.0mm 0.3-2.0mm 0.3-2.0mm


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