Polish Pancake Machine|Panekuk Machine High Output

The polish pancake machine is suitable for the production of high-yield polish pancakes and panekuk, meeting the needs of large and medium-sized food factories.

This equipment is composed of racks, pneumatic components, electrical components, heating elements and forming abrasives, specializing in the production of Polish pancakes.

Polish Pancake Machine

Characteristics of Panekuk Machine

  1. No noise: The noise of the machine running day and night is controlled below 40 decibels, which will not affect the surrounding environment, will not disturb the people, and make production worry-free.
  2. Simplified operating system: using innovative technology, stable performance; single-person operation, saving manpower, and can start production without technical experience.
  3. The polish pancake making machine has a variety of heating methods, such as electric heating and gas heating.
  4. Full frequency conversion: change the power frequency, adjust the load, reduce power consumption and loss, and prolong the service life of the pancake machine.
  5. Maintenance-free, the technologically innovative machine does not require maintenance and other maintenance during its use, and only needs to be greased once a year.
  6. Diversified pancakes solutions: We have rich technical reserves and many years of production experience, and we provide professional customization for customers to meet customer needs.


Video of Pancake Making Machine

Industrial Panekuk Machine Principle

The batter is prepared according to the requirements of the batter production process. After being heated and baked by a round roasting wheel, the batter becomes a polish pancakes or other flake food with a fixed thickness.


Notes for Polish Pancake Machine

  • When the machine is not in use, turn off the power of the machine to ensure that the machine is in a power-off state to prevent accidents.
  • When the automatic pancake machine is in use, it is necessary to preheat the machine first. When the surface of the roasting wheel reaches the specified temperature, the sizing can start to make the polish pancakes and panekuk, and the appropriate temperature can keep the machine running efficiently.
  • According to the operation of the machine, the raw materials such as flour paste are added in time, and the temperature and production speed are adjusted according to the demand.
  • In order to avoid potential health hazards caused by fingers touching the polish pancakes, please wear gloves and masks during operation, and pay attention to personal and environmental hygiene.
  • After using the automatic panekuk machine, keep the machine clean to avoid blockage and damage.


Technical Parameter

Model GGSR-12060Y/F
Voltage 380V/220V
Capacity 4500-7000PCS/H
Power 69KW
Heating Method Electric & Gas
Dimension 3800*1100*2000MM


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