Vegetable Tacos Chinos Making Machine 30*120mm

The tacos chinos making machine with advanced technology is widely used in the production of tacos chinos, the maximum size can reach 30*120mm, and the most important thing is that this size can be customized according to demand.

Tacos Chinos Making Machine


Different Stuffing

Tacos chinos machine can wrap mushroom stuffing, pork stuffing, shrimp stuffing, beef stuffing, vermicelli stuffing, chicken stuffing, vegetable stuffing, taro stuffing, potato stuffing, bean paste stuffing, carrot stuffing and so on. There is a wide variety to produce a variety of delicious tacos chinos spring rolls.

Taco Chino Machine


Features of Tacos Chinos Making Machine

  1. The outsourcing and food contact parts of the whole machine are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel with high precision and processing.
  2. The scraper is made of high-quality alloy steel and coated with Teflon material, which is resistant to high temperature without deformation and durable.
  3. The baking part of the taco chino machine adopts a ring-shaped cable structure, which can withstand high temperatures above 500° C and has a service life of more than 6-10 years.
  4. It can be filled with different fillings, vegetables, meat and other raw materials are chopped and mixed, and then wrapped in spring roll skins.
  5. The whole machine is equipped with intelligent PLC processor, frequency conversion speed regulation, Chinese and English interface of the operating system, and automatic fault alarm system.


Operation process:  The beater mixes the batter evenly, and then the batter is lifted to the surface of the baking wheel of the spring roll skin baking machine. Bake evenly, and the wrappers are formed; the filling is poured into the bucket, sunk by induction, and then rolled, and finally the tacos chinos are formed.


How to Make Tacos Chinos


Technical Parameter

GG-CJX5000 Spring Roll Production Line
Name Dimensiton(mm) Power(KW) No.
Spring Roll Wapper Part 2200*2000*2200 59 1
Stuffing Part 700*600*1000 0.4 1
Spring Roll Folding Part 1700*500*1360 0.4 1
Spring Roll Forming Part 4030*500*1100 0.4 1
Batter Mixer 1300*600*900 1.1 1
Batter Tank 800*300*320 / 1
Batter Pump 0.55 2
Capacity 3000-4000pcs/h


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