Automatic Malaysian Spring Rolls Machine Customized Size

The automatic malaysian spring rolls machine is particularly suitable for central kitchens and frozen food factories. It is simple and efficient to use, and the Malaysian spring rolls size can be customized.

Not only that, this machine can also be used with a fryer machine to produce fried spring rolls. Different processes can be designed according to your needs, and we provide spring roll recipes.

Malaysian Spring Rolls Making Machine

Advantages of Malaysian Spring Rolls Machine

  1. Efficient production to meet large-scale needs: The use of advanced automation technology can continuously produce malaysian spring rolls and improve production efficiency. Whether it is facing daily orders or holiday peaks, it can easily cope with it.
  2. Precise control to ensure product quality: The fillings are precisely controlled to ensure the high quality of the spring rolls. The built-in control system of the machine ensures that the malaysian spring rolls can achieve the best taste and appearance.
  3. Easy to manage, cost-effective: The malaysian spring roll making machine boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring straightforward operation. Coupled with its design that prioritizes ease of cleaning and robustness, it minimizes the ongoing operational expenses.
  4. Customized service to meet special needs: Our company provides customized services, adjusts the functions and parameters of the machine according to the specific needs of customers, and ensures that the machine can produce the soring roll products that customers want.
  5. Multifunctional, can make a variety of foods: not only can make malaysian spring rolls, but also lumpia, Malaysian egg rolls, or other similar products.


How to Make Malaysian Spring Rolls


Wide Range of Application Scenarios to Meet Different Needs

  1. Central kitchen automation: In the central kitchen of a large restaurant chain, the automatic malaysian spring rolls machine can standardize the production process to ensure the consistent quality of spring rolls in each branch, while significantly increasing production to meet the chain’s needs.
  2. Quick-frozen food production: Quick-frozen factories use this machine for large-scale production, and the spring rolls produced can be directly quick-frozen for easy storage and transportation to meet the needs of supermarkets and retail markets.
  3. Food export processing: For food processing companies exporting to overseas markets, the fully automatic malaysian spring roll making machine can ensure the standardization and quality of products in compliance with international food safety standards.
  4. Airline food supply: Airline food suppliers can use this machine to produce high-quality spring rolls to meet the needs of passengers for fast and convenient food on long-distance flights.


Technical Parameter

Model: GG-CJX7000    Capacity:5000-6500pcs/h
NO. Machine Name Dimension Power QTY
(mm) (KW) (set)
1 Spring Roll Main Machine (Including transmission and mold rotation power) 2200×1190×2200 (Baking drum diameter 120cm) 102 1
2 CNC filling machine 700×600×1000 2 2*30L
3 Automatic Folding and transmission Machine 4000x950x1200 0.75 1
4 Cooling conveyor belt 3000x950x1200 0.2 1
5 Paste mixer 1300x600x900 1.1 1
6 Paste Storage Tank 800x300x320 / 1
7 Paste conveying, reflux pump / 1.1 2
8 Air Pressure / 0.6-0.8mpa /


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